To Be In Truth Is The Process

Discover How To Trancend The Learned Personality And Embrace The Essence Of Your True Self
Learn How To Embrace A New Reality By "Getting Out Of Your Own Way"


Do You Wish To Relate From Clarity, Not The Baggage Of The Past?


Do You Wish For The Tools To Have A More Peaceful Home Life?


Do You Wish To Transcend Your Wounds Or Insecurities For A More Heartfelt Connection And Fulfilled Life?

To Be In Heart & Mind Is The Journey

Step One Is Letting Go

This Important Step Entails Undoing The Baggage We Carry Arround. When He Baggage Is Unpacked And Appropriately Put To Rest The True Self Can Then Surface.

Step Two Involves Finding The Self

This Means That Once The Baggage Is Surrendered, The Work Of Bringing The Self Into The Light Begins. This Is Achieved By A Process Called Transpersonal Imaging.

Transpersonal Imaging

This Process Ventures Into The World Of The Inner Child. You Will Experience Wonderful And Reframing Conversations With That Part Of You Which Houses Your Emotional Wounds And Learned Insecurities. These Sessions Allow You To Heal Those Wounds And Embrace Your Power.

To Be Empowered Is The Reward

This Aspect Of The Transpersonal Imaging Process Allows You To Meet And Embrace Your Lost Wisdom And Power. The Rewards Are:


The Ability To See Clearly And Make Choices That Enhance Rather Than Sabotage Your Goals.


The Awareness Which Gives The Availability To Utilize The Forces Of Both The Mind And Heart. This Wholeness Enables You To Bring Forth The Ability To Be Truly Focused And Forthright.


The Inner Power That Comes From Knowing You Are Worthwile And Confident To Handle And Be Successful At Whatever Comes Your Way.

Gary W. Richman